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Developed from the acclaimed N American ERG (revised every four years) this publication has been meticulously compiled to dovetail with the emergency response system employed in Southern Africa and comes with a fully searchable CD ROM version.

The law requires that the ERG book be strictly adhered to when dealing with a dangerous goods incident involving fire or spillage occurring on a public road


Dangerous Goods MiniCHARTs
Size: A3 (425 mm x 303 mm) or A2 (600 mm x 426 mm) - fully encapsulated

These functional MinCHARTs are especially practical where wall space is at a premium such as in training rooms, offices, staff rooms, rest rooms, passageways, high traffic areas, bathrooms, etc. They are completely encapsulated (with sealed edges) in a tough extra thick laminate. Being semi-rigid, they lay flat, so mounting them is simple - no expensive frames needed.

Warning Diamonds
Explains the dangerous goods hazard classes, showing the colours and sizes of labels and placards for road transport in Southern Africa.
Item #MDGA

PocketCHART - A6 fully encapsulated
These are also available as an A6 PocketCHART with the Dangerous Goods Warning Diamonds on one side and the Dangerous Goods Load Compatibility Chart on the reverse.

Illustrates marking requirements for all dangerous goods vehicles and ISO containers, giving dimensions. It also explains mixed load placarding giving examples.

Item #MDGB








Load Compatibility
Indicates the load compatibility of mixed cargoes (as prescribed in SANS 10231: 2014 Transport of dangerous goods— Operational requirements for road vehicles) at a glance using the class warning diamonds. It also includes useful footnotes.
Item #MDGC

PocketCHART - A6 fully encapsulated
These are also available as an A6 PocketCHART with the Dangerous Goods Load Compatibility Chart on one side and the Dangerous Goods Warning Diamonds on the reverse.
Item: #PCDGA

Storage Compatibility
Indicates the warehouse storage compatibility of dangerous goods at a glance using the class warning diamonds. It also includes footnotes.
Item #MDGE









Cargo Check
Tables the exempt quantities and provides the calculation for a multiload (mixed load). It also gives special provisions for the different hazard classes.
Item #MDGD









Vehicle Inspection for Transportation Permits
The Fire Brigade Services Act empowers municipal fire departments to make regulations controlling the transport of flammables and other dangerous goods in the municipality. This involves the issue of transportation permits subject to certain requirements such as the suitability of vehicles. The inspection of vehicles used to transport dangerous goods is undertaken by the local authority and permits, valid for a period of 12 months, are issued by the Chief Fire Officer or someone designated by him. In order to standardise this process, SANS 1157 - Transport of dangerous goods - Inspection requirements of road vehicles for the issue of municipal dangerous goods transport permits has been compiled to provide guidelines by providing an inspection checklist. This MiniCHART outlines the SANS 1557 requirements for different types of vehicles.
Item #MDGF




Understanding an SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
Previously known as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a legally required source of information on hazardous chemical substances (HSCs) used in the workplace. Regulation 9A of the OHS Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances obliges manufacturers, importers or suppliers to supply them free of charge. The format must comply with an internationally applied standard (adopted in SANS 11014) comprising of 16 numbered sections. Proper use and understanding of this document helps prevent accidents. This MiniCHART explains the content of the SDS. It also outlines the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and includes the pictograms and their meanings as well as the warning diamonds used for all modes of transport.





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A6 PocketCHARTS (incl VAT): R14,25 each.

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