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Dangerous Goods MiniCHARTs
Size: A3 - fully encapsulated

Warning Diamonds
Explains the dangerous goods hazard classes, showing the colours and sizes of labels and placards for road transport in Southern Africa.

Item #MDGA









Illustrates marking requirements for all dangerous goods vehicles and ISO containers, giving dimensions. It also explains mixed load placarding giving examples.

Item #MDGB









Load Compatibility
Indicates the load compatibility of mixed cargoes (as prescribed in SANS 10231: 2014 Transport of dangerous goods— Operational requirements for road vehicles) at a glance using the class warning diamonds. It also includes useful footnotes.

Item #MDGC






Storage Compatibility
Indicates the warehouse storage compatibility of dangerous goods at a glance using the class warning diamonds. It also includes footnotes.

Item #MDGD








Cargo Check
Tables the exempt quantities and provides the calculation for a multiload (mixed load). It also gives special provisions for the different hazard classes.

Item #MDGE








Vehicle Inspection for Transportation Permits
The Fire Brigade Services Act empowers municipal fire departments to make regulations controlling the transport of flammables and other dangerous goods in the municipality. This involves the issue of transportation permits subject to certain requirements such as the suitability of vehicles. The inspection of vehicles used to transport dangerous goods is undertaken by the local authority and permits, valid for a period of 12 months are issued by the Chief Fire Officer or someone designated by him. In order to standardise this process, SANS 1157 - Transport of dangerous goods - Inspection requirements of road vehicles for the issue of municipal dangerous goods transport permits has been compiled to provide guidelines by providing an inspection checklist. This MiniCHART outlines the SANS 1557 requirements for different types of vehicles.

Item #MDGF



DISCOUNT PRICES per chart: (incl VAT):
1-3 charts, R71,25 each; 4-7 charts, R68,40 each; 8-23 charts, R62,70 each; 24+ charts, R57,00 each;

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