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Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations - As Amended

8th Edition - 2023

Neatly laid out and styled for easy use and reference, this user-friendly format, uncrushable coil-bound book is completely authentic and up-to-date. Designed for those who work both in and out of the office, it optimises the use of colour for clarity and puts the Act and regulations at your fingertips.

Bang up-to-date
Updated to incorporate all the implemented amendments and notices in the Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations.



2020 Emergency Response Guidebook of Southern Africa
A guidebook for first responders during the initial phase of a dangerous goods incident

Legal requirement

Standard SANS 10232-3, which is incorporated into the Dangerous Goods Regulations, requires that this book be strictly adhered to when dealing with a dangerous goods incident involving fire or spillage occurring on a public road.

Bang up-to-date
Compiled from the latest edition of the US DoT Emergency Response Guidebook (updated every four years) it has been meticulously composed to dovetail with the emergency response system employed in Southern Africa and to comply with southern African legislative requirements and conditions.

Colour coded pages
Pages have colour coded borders, enabling quick and easy navigation to find information.

Folds open flat
Bound with an uncrushable plastic coil, the book is easy to work with and opens completely flat.


IMPORTANT: What's the difference?

The Southern African ERG differs from the North American version in a number of ways click here for details>

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