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Developed from the acclaimed N American ERG (revised every four years) this publication has been meticulously compiled to dovetail with the emergency response system employed in Southern Africa.

The law requires that the ERG book be strictly adhered to when dealing with a dangerous goods incident involving fire or spillage occurring on a public road


South Africa's TREC Transport emergency cards

Advantages of the South African TREC transport emergency card over the obsolete European CEFIC Tremcard are as follows.

  • The TREC is easier to read as the text must be at least 10 point and be Arial regular open face whereas the Tremcard uses a condensed face and often in much smaller type.

  • The TREC is unmistakably headed “TRANSPORT EMERGENCY CARD - Road Transport ” whereas the Tremcard heading is vaguely worded “Cefic Tremcard - Instructions in Writing”.

  • The TREC identification box at the top right carries the vital unique UN number first whereas the Tremcard puts it last.

  • The TREC provides for a subsidiary risk in the identification box.

  • While the TREC gives the ERG number for first responders, the Tremcard does not and gives the Hazard Identification number (HI No), instead, which has a purpose in the European placarding system but has no significance whatsoever in this country.
  • The TREC consistently uses the proper shipping name at the top, whereas the Tremcard sometimes does not.

  • The TREC appropriately displays the proper shipping name, in CAPITAL LETTERS, whereas the Tremcard does not use capitals, even if the proper shipping name is used.

  • The TREC accords a separate heading for a brief description of the substance, under “APPEARANCE”, whereas the Tremcard lumps it with under the heading “LOAD”.

  • Last, but by no means least, is the preparation date and expiry date. Both cards are valid for a period of three years following that date.

Apart from carrying the additional information you require, all our TRECs display the applicable placarding, in colour, depicting the hazard class and subsidiary risk (if any) along with any appropriate symbolic safety sign prescribed in SANS 1186-1. It also indicates the exempt quantity.

Orders can be placed by email, telephone, or even on line. To make it as easy as possible, we have also provided a downloadable easy-to-order form.

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TRECs can also be encapsulated in semi-rigid heat seal laminating film to protect against product spillage and all climatic conditions.