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Walkaround Heavy Vehicle Check
Size: A3 (425 mm x 303 mm) or A2 (600 mm x 426 mm) - fully encapsulated posters
Drivers and employers are legally responsible for ensuring that a vehicle is roadworthy and maintained so that it complies with the law at all times. There are severe penalties for failing to do so. Pre-trip inspections are essential to ensure safety and avoid costly breakdowns, damage to cargo and serious injury or loss of life.

Especially practical where wall space is at a premium such as in training rooms, staff rooms, rest rooms, passageways, high traffic areas, bathrooms, etc. They are rigid and lay flat so mounting them is simple - no frames needed.

These charts help ensure that the checks are properly carried out. To make it easier our Driver's Daily Log> incorporates a daily check list on the reverse side.


Walkaround Articulated Vehicle Check
Specially compiled to assist drivers of articulated vehicles perform the important daily vehicle check.
Now also available in Afrikaans.

Item #MDRB



Walkaround Rigid Vehicle Check
This easy to use MiniCHART has been compiled to assist drivers of heavy rigid vehicles perform their daily vehicle inspection thoroughly.
Now also available in Afrikaans.

Item: #MDRC

Also available as an A6 PocketCHART (fully encapsulated) printed back and front.


DISCOUNT PRICES per chart: (incl VAT):
Size A3: 1-9, R71,25 each; 10-24, R68,40 each; 25+, R62,70 each.
Size A2: 1-4, R171,00 each; 5+, R156,75 each.

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