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Driver's Daily Log and Trip Sheet

With Daily Vehicle Check

Control drivers and vehicles with this off-the-shelf, easy to use, log book system. Monitor fuel usage, distances travelled, driver’s hours and performance, vehicle roadworthiness, and record who drove what, where and when.
It provides for recording, the date, driver’s name, names of employees accompanying the driver, vehicle registration number, trailer registration number, kilometre reading at start and end of duty, distance covered, place started and ended duty, time started and ended work, hours at normal time, overtime hours, as well as the amount of fuel and oil taken on. The log also allows for up to 17 drops or collections to be recorded alongside odometer readings, customer names, consignment numbers, times arrived and departed, etc. More>

Theory Test Papers for Drivers of Heavy Vehicles Print your own

Specially designed for driver selection, training and ongoing development of drivers, at last here is an aid to ensure you recruit and manage a professional team of drivers by identifying problem areas.

Test drivers' knowledge on:
Vehicle handling characteristics;
Road traffic signs;
Vehicle loading; Vehicle condition; and
Road traffic law.

Each colour-coded test paper contains:
4 A4 pages with colour illustrations;
Instructions on the test;
2 answered example questions; and 30 different questions.

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Each answer paper contains:
30 correct answers; Explanations to each answer;
References to relevant section or regulation numbers (simply click your mouse on the reference and it will take you to the relevant legislation on our website);

References to further information to be found in the Professional Driver's Digest>.


NB: ALL ORDERS MUST BE PRE-PAID. Just email your order supplying your full contact details along with confirmation of payment and we will email the full package enabling you to print out your own test papers and answer papers. While there is no restriction on the number of copies you may print, it must be used on one standalone computer. Multiple-user access and copying the PDF is a violation of copyright.

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