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Laminated A4 KwikCHART Reference Guides

"Hazard Classes" and "Placarding for Road Transport in SA" (Item #KDGA)

"Shipping Documents" and "Transport Emergency Cards" (Item #KDGB)

"Cargo Check" and "Load Compatibility Chart" (Item #KDGC)

"Vehicle Marking and Labelling" and "Loading and Vehicle Check" (Item #KDGD)

Simplifies dangerous goods training
Well illustrated in full colour these are an excellent training aid, designed to put easy to understand summaries of the transportation of dangerous goods requirements at your fingertips.
Convenient and durable, they equip shippers, drivers, dispatchers, managers and supervisors with the necessary know-how to fully comply with the dangerous goods regulations.

Printed on both sides, the charts are available as a set or separately and include:

• The classification system

• Warning diamonds

• Description of hazard

• Placarding requirements

• The SA emergency information system

• Subsidiary risk

• Mixed load

• Hazardous waste

• Shipping documents

• Dangerous goods declaration

• Container packing certificate

• Waste classification certificate

• Designated space for documents

• Transport emergency cards

• Exempt quantities

• Load compatibility

• Loading and unloading

• Vehicle check