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Driver's Daily Log and Trip Sheet

With Daily Vehicle Check

Control drivers and vehicles with this off-the-shelf, easy to use, log book system. Monitor fuel usage, distances travelled, driver’s hours and performance, vehicle roadworthiness, and record who drove what, where and when.
It provides for recording, the date, driver’s name, names of employees accompanying the driver, vehicle registration number, trailer registration number, kilometre reading at start and end of duty, distance covered, place started and ended duty, time started and ended work, hours at normal time, overtime hours, as well as the amount of fuel and oil taken on. The log also allows for up to 17 drops or collections to be recorded alongside odometer readings, customer names, consignment numbers, times arrived and departed, etc. More>

The Professional Driver Recruitment Kit
A PDF Kit for Hiring Drivers of Commercial Vehicles

The growing demand for skilled drivers coupled with the increasing shortage makes the hiring process more difficult and the impact of AARTO demerit points on your business means that selecting skilled drivers is even more crucial. At the same time, recruiting is more complicated than ever with employment regulations governing every stage of the screening and hiring process.

This comprehensive kit comprises a fully-searchable guidebook which lays it all out for you and includes sample letters, an example job description, employment contract and contract addendums for random alcohol tests as well as driver responsibilities and AARTO.

It is a non-academic, simple down-to-earth MUST-HAVE tool that shows how to:

  • Write a job description
  • Improve the search
  • Attract the right applicants
  • Deal with applications
  • Get the facts
  • Short-list
  • Pre-interview
  • Interview
  • Analyse and check the facts
  • Test the appliant
  • Make a conditional job offer
  • Ensure the driver is medically fit
  • Hire the driver
It also has a number of print-your-own forms which includes a job application, a medical examination and telephone interviews.

A 2-page Illustrated Guide to SADC Driving Licences completes the kit

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NB: ALL ORDERS MUST BE PRE-PAID. Just email, fax or mail us your order supplying your full contact details along with confirmation of payment and we will email the full package enabling you to print out the Recruiting Professional Drivers guidebook and your own forms as well as the Illustrated Guide to SADC Driving Licences. While there is no restriction on the number of copies you may print, it must be used on one standalone computer. Multiple-user access and copying the PDF is a violation of copyright.