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Professional Driver's Digest

8th Edition

You are legally responsible for your drivers. The Road Traffic Act [sect 49(c)] requires employers to exercise "proper control" over drivers. This includes a legal obligation to take steps to determine whether or not your drivers are fully acquainted with the law and are proficient. Failure to do so could even lead to the loss of an operator card. And, remember, ignorance of the law neither absolves the driver or employer. Equip all your drivers with a copy of this essential book. It is a practical single-source reference for experienced drivers and an essential mass of information for the new driver. Useful, durable and compact, it should be in every professional driver's cab. It puts into plain English the comprehensive and complex regulations drivers are subject to and can also serve as a textbook for those intending to embark on a career in transport. Get yours now direct from the publishers. More>


National Road Traffic Act and Regulations as Amended
Potholes n' all

5th Edition, 2017 - Compiled and presented by Ken Ramsden

Neatly laid out and styled for easy use and reference, this user-friendly format, uncrushable coil-bound book is completely authentic and up-to-date. Designed for those who work both in and out of the office, it optimises the use of colour for clarity and puts the Act and regulations at your fingertips.

The 5th Edition has just been published to include the Twenty Third Amendment and the Twenty Fourth Amendment to the National Road Traffic Regulations. Among the changes, are the following amendments.

Effective from 11 November 2016:

  • 100 km/h limit extended to include goods vehicles above 3 500 kg GVM up to 9 000 kg.
  • The 100 km speed restriction sign at the rear of goods vehicles above 3 500 kg GVM also became mandatory.

Effective from 16 December 2016:

  • Speed governors must be fitted to all newly registered minibuses, buses and goods vehicles subject to the 80 km/h and 100 km/h speed restriction.

Effective from 11 May 2017:

  • Regulation 250 banning the transport of paying passengers on or in the goods compartment of a goods vehicle under any circumstances, inexplicably exempts "a vehicle complying with the provisions of the NLTA" (National Land Transport Act).

The following changes gazetted in 2014 still remain unimplemented

  • Weighbridges facilities and operators to be evaluated and registered as such.
  • Provisional licences to be given to newly qualified drivers who will need to log driving hours before obtaining a full licence. A red letter “P” will need to be displayed on the vehicle.
  • Driving schools to be subject to an approval procedure, be graded and registered and will be subject to stringent new regulations.
  • Roadworthies every two years for vehicles that are 10 years or older.
  • Minibuses, midibuses and buses to be fitted with vehicle directional stability control devices.
  • Driving time limits to be imposed on PrDP drivers.
  • Parking exemption certificates to be issued to persons with disabilities.

Additional features:

  1. Opens completely flat.
  2. Light and small enough to carry in your briefcase.
  3. An extended and exhaustive A-Z index enables speedy location of relevant legislation.
  4. Colour coded pages for ease of reference.
  5. Section/Regulation numbers are much quicker and easier to find appearing in the top corner of the page and in large type in the page body.
  6. Chapter headings appear at the top of each page.
  7. Legislation not yet in force greyed out.
  8. Corresponding Road Traffic Act legislation still in force is included and highlighted.
  9. Full Government Gazette references for amendments given.
  10. Guidance notes are inserted where appropriate.
  11. Legislation errors and loopholes are extensively indicated.
  12. Includes the Schedules to the Regulations and features road traffic signs, road markings and signals in colour.
  13. Explains how our traffic laws are made and gazetted.

New additional features:

  1. Reference to all incorporated SANS standards have been added giving the publication year of the latest edition of the standard.
  2. Additional regulatory requirements under incorporated standards have been added where appropriate.
  3. A few explanatory diagrams have been added to the guidance notes.


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