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SADC Road Traffic Signs - MiniCHARTs
Size: A3 (425 mm x 303 mm) or A2 (600 mm x 426 mm) - fully encapsulated charts
This authentic series of ten MiniCHART posters displays the full set of Southern African Development Community> official road traffic signs. Appropriately identified with SADC reference numbers, the legal meaning of each sign is also included.

Especially practical where wall space is at a premium such as in training rooms, offices, staff rooms, rest rooms, passageways, high traffic areas, bathrooms, etc. They are completely encapsulated (with sealed edges) in a tough extra thick laminate. Being semi-rigid, they lay flat, so mounting them is simple - no expensive frames needed.

PDF downloads optimised for A1 printing are also available.


Chart 1 of 10 - Regulatory Signs
This displays Control Signs, Command Signs and Prohibition Signs.

Item: #MRS1



Chart 2 of 10 - Regulatory Signs (cont'd)
This displays Reservation Signs, Comprehensive Signs, De-restriction Signs and Exclusive Secondary Signs.

Item #MRS2


Chart 3 of 10 - Warning Signs
This displays Advanced Warning Signs (triangular) and Hazard Marking Signs.

Item #MRS3


Chart 4 of 10 - Guidance Signs
This displays Location Signs, Route Markers, Direction Signs and Freeway Signs.

Item #MRS4


Chart 5 of 10 - Guidance Signs (cont'd)
This displays Tourism Direction Signs, Local Direction Signs and Guidance Sign Symbols.

Item #MRS5


Chart 6 of 10 - Guidance Signs (cont'd)
This displays Diagramatic Signs and Information Signs.

Item #MRS6


Chart 7 of 10 - Temporary Signs (roadworks)
This displays Temporary Regulatory Signs and Temporary Guidance Signs used for roadworks and accident scenes, etc.

Item #MRS7


Chart 8 of 10 - Road Markings
This displays Regulatory Markings, Warning Markings and Guidance Markings.

Item #MRS8


Chart 9 of 10 - Road Signals
This displays Traffic Signals, Red Flashing, Overhead Lane Direction, Hand Signals used by Traffic Officers and the use of Flag Signals at roadworks.

Item #MRS9


Chart 10 of 10 - Examples of Combination Signs
This displays examples of signs indicating Selective Restriction, Supplementary Plates and Temporary Combination Signs, Comprehensive Signs.

Item #MRS10


The complete set is also available in an A4 KwikCHART pack. Click here for details>