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Illustrated Guide to SADC Driving Licences
Size: A3 (425 mm x 303 mm) or A2 (600 mm x 426 mm) - fully encapsulated chart
This chart clearly and fully explains the driving licence classification system. It shows what vehicles may be driven under each licence code as well as what other vehicles the code authorises and gives the old code equivalents. It explains the restriction endorsements on vehicles and drivers, what the information on the driving licence card means, covers the validity of foreign licences and permits, lists the learner codes, the licence groups, PrDP categories and age restrictions. Also incorporated, is a useful user-friendly flow chart to determine when a PrDP is required and, if so, what category.

Especially practical where wall space is at a premium such as in training rooms, offices, staff rooms, rest rooms, passageways, high traffic areas, bathrooms, etc. They are semi-rigid and lie flat so mounting them is simple - no frames needed.

Item: #MDRA

Also available as an A6 PocketCHART (fully encapsulated) printed back and front.

Item: #PCDRA