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National Road Traffic Act and Regulations as Amended

Potholes n' All

4th Edition - 2015

Compiled and presented by Ken Ramsden

Neatly laid out and styled for easy use and reference, this user-friendly format, uncrushable coil-bound book is completely authentic and up-to-date. Designed for those who work both in and out of the office, it optimises the use of colour for clarity and puts the Act and regulations at your fingertips.

Bang up-to-date
Updated to incorporate all the implemented amendments in the National Road Traffic Amendment Acts and Regulations.



Driving licence codes

The classification, standardised throughout the whole southern African region, consists of the following groups of licences, based on the European Unified Driving Licence system.

A = Motor cycles
B = Light motor vehicles (up to 3 500 kg GVM)
C = Heavy motor vehicles
D = Combinations, including articulated vehicles.

The various codes within these groups, tabled below are taken from the Professional Driver's Digest >. The holder of a licence to drive a particular class of vehicle is not authorised to drive any other, except where other codes have been indicated in the table.
The system makes a distinction between rigid vehicles and rigid vehicles drawing trailers (above 750 kg GVM). For example, the holder of a code C1 is permitted to drive a heavy goods vehicle up to 16 000 kg GVM but needs an EC1 licence in order to pull a trailer heavier than 750 kg GVM.

for further information on driving licences consult pages 10 to 26 in the Professional Driver's Digest > or consult our A3 miniCHART >.