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Cross border transportation permits

Operators must apply for the appropriate cross-border transportation permits to the issuing authority in the country where they are based. In South Africa all permits are issued through the Cross Border Road Transport Agency> where applicants can obtain the necessary forms. Once the relevant parts of the form are completed, the application must be submitted by hand, post or fax.

Applications must be accompanied with proof of identity of the individual or business, a valid roadworthy/clearance certificate (or copy) for the vehicle concerned and the application fee. The application fee is non-refundable even if the application is unsuccessful. Permits for up to 3 months (14 days for passenger transport) can be issued immediately at the discretion of the Agency while the application for a long-term permit (12 months) is considered.

When renewing a permit, applying for a duplicate, additional authorisation, or a change of route, only the vehicle’s roadworthy/clearance certificate needs to be furnished.

A permit may only be used by the permit-holder named and cannot be transferred to any other operator. Also a permit is valid solely for the vehicle it specifies, although a permit can be obtained for a replacement vehicle should the original vehicle have been lost, stolen or scrapped. As permits are not required for trailers (except where cabotage is involved) in the case of an articulated vehicle, a permit is issued for the truck-tractor not the semi-trailer.